Modernization has changed the lifestyle of human to a great extent. However, as a coin has both heads      and tails, even modernization has both pros and cons. Technology has availed several luxurious things to  enjoy and develop in the life. At the same time the relationship among the human values is decreasing  day by day and in future only divorce might be seen entirely. Even going a step ahead there might be no marriages at all on earth. Such is the impact of development on marriage relationship. It is the child custody lawyer New York or no fault divorce attorneys NYC are in great demand.However, it is a tough  call for these attorneys while handling such cases.

Child custody lawyer New York and no fault divorce attorneys NYC have great difficulty in supporting the children or letting them know the fact that their parents would no longer be staying together and the child has to stay only with one of them for the rest of the life. It is a very unfortunate for such children who are been bargained by their parents. The parents should take up the responsibility and think twice before they decide to take divorce. It is the children who would lose their psychological balance and the growth of the child may be affected very badly. The child custody lawyer new york or no fault divorce attorney NYC should aim to restore peace between wife and husband and make them to live together by explaining pros and cons rather than sanctioning divorce and dividing the children among parents.

However, if parents are strongly decided to divorce as they no more can stay together in peace, it is their responsibility to convey to their lovely children how the life would be and they need to support them in all angles for the development of the child as well as they have to safeguard the child until he or she becomes major. Child custody lawyer new York and no fault divorce attorneys NYC have strong skills and they surely know how to make the children life colourful and healthy growing despite absence of parental love post divorce. They strongly believe in the interest of the kids and can handle any type of complicated case peacefully and definitely favor the children morally if not legally. They help in appointing a guardian to take care of the child and provide him necessary resources for the rest of his minor life.

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